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Now open in Riverside!

  • Full service Pilates studio offering mat classes and equipment
  • Group and private instruction, scheduled and by appointment
  • Fully Certified Classical Pilates instructor

"Contrology is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."- Joseph H. Pilates

"Contrology" was what Joseph Pilates originally called his series of exercises performed on the mat, developed nearly 100 years ago.

Comprehensive teaching by a fully certified instructor provides Classical Pilates personal fitness training in a comfortable setting at the Riverside Pilates Studio. The professional, inviting environment encourages individuals to grow within the Pilates method of exercise, gaining core strength, balance and uniform, full body development as only Pilates can offer.

The work Pilates developed is more accessible today and equally as dynamic as it was when he created. Experience the work for yourself at Riverside Pilates Studio.